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Expert Clinical Staff

Our experienced NECHEAR staff is comprised of professionals who have extensive expertise in implementing rehabilitation programs and supporting mainstream education for infants, children, and adults with hearing loss.


Kristin Vasil Dilaj, AuD/Ph.D, CCC-A, Audiologist

Kristin received her doctoral degrees from the University of Connecticut Department of Speech Language & Hearing Sciences. She is currently a clinical and research audiologist at the New England Center for Hearing Rehabilitation. Her areas of expertise include cochlear implant programming and provision of auditory rehabilitation programs for pediatric clients. She is a member of the Connecticut Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Task Force and the Connecticut Chapter of Hands & Voices.  Kristin is a frequency presenter at cochlear implant and audiology conferences.

Fun facts:  Kristin was a coxswain in college for the crew team, which is how she met her husband.  She has a toddler who keeps her busy at home.  Kristin loves the Huskies and tailgates when she can!

Jennifer Cox, AuD, CCC-A, Audiologist

Jennifer received her training at the University of Connecticut’s Childhood Hearing Impairment Program.  She worked as a Pediatric Specialist Audiologist for two years in Australia.   Upon her move back to CT, she reunited with her mentors, Dr. Toni Maxon and Dr. Diane Brackett at NECHEAR.   After taking time off to be with her three young children, she now focuses on collaborating with families, therapists, educators, and physicians to provide quality, individualized hearing healthcare to her clients. She has previously presented at a variety of conferences.

Fun facts:  Jennifer likes to go bike riding with her three children in tow.  She also likes to climb mountains, go to Farmer’s Markets, and visit wineries.


Diane Brackett, Ph.D, CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist/Director

Diane is Director of the New England Center for Hearing Rehabilitation in Hampton, CT. Her publications and presentations focus on mainstreaming hearing impaired children, bilateral cochlear implants in prelingual adults and children, early cochlear implant use, and auditory-based language learning in children with hearing loss.  She is one of the original founders of NECHEAR and is a true pioneer in her field.

Fun facts:  Diane is an avid reader.  She likes to spend time with her dog, Oliver.  If you have been to the clinic you may have seen her husband, Art, watering the plants!

Jessica Hasbrouck, M.S., CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist

Jessica is a Speech-Language Pathologist at the New England Center for Hearing Rehabilitation. She received her Masters in Speech-Language Pathology from James Madison University with an emphasis in aural habilitation. Her interest in the spoken language development of children with hearing impairment has resulted in presentations on classroom modifications for mainstreamed students, and implementing supports in school settings.

Fun facts:  Jessica has lived in four states, but her favorite is Connecticut.  She is NECHEAR’S adventurer and enjoys sky diving and bungee jumping.


Danielle Paquin, M.E.D., LSLS Cert. AVEd

Danielle received her Masters degree at Smith College in Northampton, MA.  She taught preschol and elementary school at Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children in San Antonio, Texas, for twelve years.  She recently returned to her native Connecticut and is excited to work with hearing impaired children at NECHEAR.  Danielle has been very active with AGBell, presenting at numerous conventions, serving as a board member of Texas AGBell, and participating on the planning committee.  She has also served on a planning committee for an LSLS Symposium.  Danielle is also a bilateral cochlear implant user.

Fun facts:  Danielle is an athlete and has competed in Iron Man races and triathlons.  Part of the reason she moved back to New England was to cheer on the Red Sox!  Danielle prefers wearing colorful CI processors!