NECHEAR offers classroom-based and clinic-based educational services for students with hearing loss.

Classroom-Based Services

Classroom-based services are provided by our team at the student’s educational learning environment. We work to support the educational team by making recommendations for access, in-serving team members about the student’s specific needs, and providing technology consultations and support.

  • Classroom Based Consultation Services: Include classroom listening environment assessments, FM/DM technology assessments, classroom observations, & consultations to provide recommendations for development of IEP/504 Plans, classroom strategies for working with students, and modifying acoustic environments for access.

  • Classroom Listening Environment Assessment: Measurements and comparisons of speech and noise levels within the classroom are made, noise sources are identified, and recommendations are made to optimize the acoustic environment for students with hearing loss.

  • Classroom Observations: Students with hearing impairment will be observed during school hours to determine that they are accessing material in the classroom. Recommendations may include optimal seating arrangement, instructional techniques, classroom media systems, and personal microphone (DM) system usage.

  • Audiological/Communication Consultation: An educational audiologist or aural habilitation therapist will review records, evaluations, and classroom observations, to provide recommendations for the development of IEPs or 504 plans.

  • Assistive Listening Device Recommendation: Assessment to determine appropriate options for classroom assistive technology.

  • Assistive Listening Device Management: In-school monitoring and troubleshooting of student personal equipment and of school-purchased assistive devices, including earmold fabrication.

  • Personal devices can be programmed for individual students.
    Loaner devices are available as back-up equipment. Trials with new assistive technology can be requested.

  • School or Family Requested In-Services
    • General in-service: Provide information regarding educating students with a hearing loss, discussion of devices educators may encounter, and general FM information
    • Individualized in-service: Provide specific device management, educational strategies and modifications for a particular student.  In-services can be adapted to the time frame available.

  • PPT/504 Meeting Consult: When invited by the district or family, members of the NECHEAR team will attend and provide reports and/or expertise to assist in the development of an educational plan for a student with hearing loss and/or auditory processing disorder.

  • Assistive Technology Summer Service/Cataloging: Our team will organize, catalog, and troubleshoot the district’s assistive technology to ensure working equipment for Extended School Year and the upcoming school year.  NECHEAR will send out broken equipment for repair and obtain needed replacement parts.  All technology will be assessed using listening checks and electroacoustic measures.

  • Para-Professional Training: NECHEAR’s team of audiologists, speech pathologists, and/or auditory verbal therapists will train para professionals to understand the specific needs of your student with hearing impairment. The training will include how to help the student access the spoken language of the classroom, including how and why to use the student’s hearing technology.

  • Professional Development Workshops: NECHEAR’s team of audiologists, speech pathologists, and auditory verbal therapists provide workshops focused on working with students with hearing loss in the classroom.  

Clinic-Based School Services

Clinic-based school services are evaluations, programming sessions, and aural rehabilitation sessions designed to assist with educational recommendations for students with hearing loss.

  • Communication Evaluation: Annual evaluation of speech, language, and listening skills to monitor progress toward meeting IEP goals and objectives.  A comprehensive report outlining results and implications for education planning is provided to the school and student’s family.

  • Auditory Perceptual Evaluation: Annual audiological evaluation and behavioral auditory perceptual assessment. A comprehensive report outlining results and implications for education planning is provided to the school and student’s family.

  • Basic Audiologic and/or FM/DM Evaluation: Audiological evaluation and/or FM testing to determine baseline hearing levels, candidacy for FM, and optimization of FM setup. A comprehensive report outlining results and implications for education planning is provided to the school and student’s family.

  • Device Programming Sessions: Devices including hearing aids, BAHAs, and cochlear implants, and FM/DM systems can be programmed for optimal access in the educational setting.  We work with most hearing aid manufacturers, all BAHA and Cochlear Implant manufacturers, and all educational FM/DM systems.

  • Aural Rehabilitation Therapy: Individual auditory and communication therapy and ongoing communication with educational team and family through written session summaries. Services provided by licensed speech-language pathologists, auditory-verbal therapists, and/or audiologists.